Mozilla Backpack is now Badgr Backpack

Mozilla is retiring its Open Badges Backpack platform and helping users move their badges to Badgr.

We're immensely proud of the work we've done on Open Badges over the years, and Mozilla will continue to be an Open Badges champion. Going forward, we believe Concentric Sky and the free and open-source Badgr platform are the best stewards for the community.

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What’s Next?

Here’s what's changing:

We are retiring the Mozilla Backpack and transitioning to Badgr Backpack.

How will this impact you?

You will need to follow these three steps if you want to make the transition to Badgr:

Step 1

Check your Mozilla-associated email and download the attached zip file. It contains all of the badges awarded to your Mozilla account. Didn’t receive an email?

Step 2

Access Badgr. It’s free and easy.

Step 3

Upload your badges to Badgr.

Why Badgr?

Badgr has all the same features as Mozilla Backpack, plus more. Badgr gives users complete control over their achievements and data, so they can organize and share all their badges from one place. Users can even create and award badges for free.

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Why Backpacks?

Open Badges communicate skills and achievements by providing a visual representations of your accomplishments packed with verifiable data and evidence.

Badges are stored in backpacks. Backpacks give you complete control over your achievements by allowing you to organize, display and manage your badges in one place.

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