Mozilla Backpack is now Badgr Backpack

Mozilla is retiring its Open Badges Backpack platform and helping users move their badges to Badgr.

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Here's what's changing: Technical details

The Mozilla Backpack application ( will be shut down. Free Badgr accounts are available for anyone moving from the Mozilla Backpack.

The Issuer API (issuer.js) will continue to accept new badges. Users may push badges to Badgr or download baked images directly. No change is necessary for services integrating with this service. Try it out below!

The Displayer API will be shut down and replaced with a empty static stub. Badgr offers a OAuth2-based API for displayer apps. See details.

The Backpack Connect API will be shut down. Badgr supports all the features of Backpack connect. Stay tuned for the upcoming cross-platform Badge Connect API.

Developers: Try out the Issuer API below

Push a badge to your Badgr backpack by pasting badge assertion data below.

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